Lock Up $3 million TAX-FREE For Just 1.3% and NO PREMIUMS Over 10 Years…

Lock Up $3 million TAX-FREE For Just 1.3% and
This is a case I am working on for a couple of healthy 46 year old husband and 43 year old spouse who hate the idea of paying annual life insurance premiums.
Their goal is to create a legacy tax free for their children but they are not ready to make a big commitment financially at this young age but know its cheapest to start right now.
Here’s is what I suggested after uncovering a hidden pricing advantage in one insurance companies pricing software:
This is so simple….
1.    Pay a $40,000 premium year 1 only into a life insurance policy* with a $3 million tax free death benefit.
2.    Pay NO premiums “GUARANTEED” for the next 24 years. “Yes, guaranteed”.
3.    What do you do for 24 years of NO premium payments…Let life just sail by and just watch what ultimately happens to your finances, the economy, your children, your health etc. till you are 70 and 67 in this case.
4.    You tied up the life company when you are in perfect health with NO commitment that you would ever pay the future premiums beginning in year 25…also “GUARANTEED”.
5.    Premiums start in year 25 and they are just 1.9% of the death benefit!
Here’s a few things to think about:
1.    Where can you tie up a potential $3 million tax free asset for 1.3% for 24 years?
2.    Maybe at your age 70 and 67 you gift the policy to your children and they pay the premiums since they will collect the death benefit.
3.    What if your health changed for the worse. That $3 million starts to look like a valuable asset because your life expectancy just shortened.
4.    What if you and your siblings used this same idea and bought a policy on your parents or grandparents.
5.    Ever notice when you have money everyone else wants to invest it for you? Why not invest in your own family? That’s how “old money” gets old.. they keep perpetuating it in the same family.
Now that’s a legacy worth starting.

The big question is…

Do you have Investment Grade Life Insurance?
David D'Arcangelo
David D’Arcangelo

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